About TenEleven Group

The TenEleven Commitment

TenEleven Group is a software and services company, focused on providing solutions for health and human services agencies to manage their end-to-end business process from intake to outcomes. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the guidance and technology support necessary to thrive in a performance based payment system. Thousands of users in hundreds of offices use electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) to manage a variety of behavioral health service types from Inpatient, to Outpatient, to Home and Community Based Services, and more.


100% In-House Development

Over the years TenEleven has grown and evolved right alongside the healthcare and behavioral healthcare industries with 100% in-house development.  From product evolution to industry changes, TenEleven has worked through the same obstacles that our customers have faced in the 21st century in order to produce software solutions that truly build on an understanding of the industry landscape

TenEleven Major Events Timeline

From humble beginnings as a healthcare billing software to the vibrant eCR™, the history of TenEleven is best described by a timeline of key events for both the company and the industry as a whole.


TenEleven introduces the Treatment Wizard® for Trauma Informed Care


ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion is completed


HIPAA compliant ANSI 5010 file conversion for electronic claims submissions - transition to Managed Care begins


Implementation of Ambulatory Patient Group (APG) methodology for clinic capture and billing for multiple services in a day (New York State Medicaid)


Implementation of National Provider Identifier (NPI) replaces legacy provider information in 837 files.  MedWisdom officially changes name to TenEleven Group, Inc.


All Behavioral Health customers are upgraded to CMS (Clinical Management System), and the 1st electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) is sold for mental health and substance abuse programs in New York State


All customers converted to Windows based MD-2005.  Development Begins on CMS for behavioral health customers - including functionality for tracking enhanced demographics, program details, reporting and billing requirements


1st employee hired to begin development of a Windows based MD-2005, while continuing to support DOS customers and convert them to HIPAA compliant electronic billing

MedWisdom purchases Next Century Software and Support, a DOS based billing and scheduling system called MD-2000, service doctor offices and behavioral health clinics in Western New York


ANSI 4010 version of the 837 and 835 electronic transaction code is set in order to comply with HIPAA standards

MedWisdom begins operations in Tonawanda, NY


TenEleven Group first incorporates as MedWisdom

Service Types

TenEleven has customized eCR™ for a number of service types and levels of care, including mental health, addiction treatment, and family services.  Whether you provide inpatient services, outpatient services, or Trauma Informed Care, eCR™ is built to fit.

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Advanced Functionality

eCR™ provides deep levels of features and functions to ensure you have the tools and information you need to effectively manage your business.  From alerts, to e-prescribing, to outcomes reporting: eCR™ helps you provide the best services to the most people.

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Satisfied Customers

TenEleven doesn't just provide a product, we help our customers succeed.  Read stories from agencies that use eCR™ about how their agencies have been improved in various ways: from revenue collection, to compliance, to documentation time.

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