Efficient Billing for Agencies With Many Different Programs


Ruby Cosme

Director of Client Account Services - Villa of Hope

Your EHR billing functionality should make everything easier. Ruby Cosme describes how eCR™ provides her and her agency, the ability to bill across their various programs. eCR™ also helps Villa of Hope catch errors before billing is complete. 

My name is Ruby Cosme, I work in Rochester, NY for the Villa of Hope. I am the Director of Client Account Services, so AKA Accounts Receivable.

I do all the billing, oversee that. And at the Villa, we have over twenty different programs, and we bill all different. So the best thing about eCR™ for me, is the fact that I’m able to bill multiple different programs, all different billing set-ups, and be able to do it all electronically.

It saves time, you’re able to bill many charges under one program, one time with the click of a button. So you’re able to bill your board, school tuition, and living skills all in one charge by clicking attendance.

So it’s pretty fancy.

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