Responsiveness and Support Maintains Agency Momentum 


Katie Serio

Chief Operating Officer - Huther Doyle

In order for your EHR to truly help you, you need to know how the use it. The TenEleven support team provides extensive EHR support. Katie Serio from Huther Doyle credits this support with letting her and staff focus on getting their work done.

The team at TenEleven has been amazing to work with. They’re very responsive when I make a suggestion or my team makes a suggestion as to something that would be helpful in the software.

[We] talk about different things that would be helpful, and shortly thereafter we see in the next software upgrade that our requests have been answered and there’s our new functionality and it makes our lives a lot simpler.

They troubleshoot with us very easily. They’re always very happy to talk with us even though they probably know that it’s a user error but they help look at the different issues that are going on and really help us focus on what is actually going on with the system and like I said most times it’s a user error, not a system error.

So they help pinpoint it so we can make the changes in our process with our users.

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