eCR™ Features & Functionality

Form Library

When setting up your individual program charts in eCR™ you can preview and select from over 1,250 forms that already exist within the Form Library, or create your own forms in collaboration with TenEleven or utilizing the Custom Form Creator tool. When building your charts, the forms in the library are searchable and viewable as well as organized for you to easily find based on the following criteria:

  • Assessments
  • Treatment Plans
  • Progress Notes
  • Discharge Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR’s)
  • State/Regulatory Forms
  • Forms with Copyrights (*these forms may have additional requirements prior to use)
    • Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment – CANS (1999 PRAED Foundation)
    • CANS Comprehensive Multisystem Assessment - 0-5 (1999 PRAED Foundation)
    • Daily Living Activities 20 – DLA 20 (W.S. Presmanes, M.A., M.Ed., and R.L. Scott, PhD.)
    • DLA 20 Youth Assessment (W.S. Presmanes, M.A., M.Ed., and R.L. Scott, PhD.)
    • Fagerstrom Test for Cigarette Dependence (1991 Karl Fagerstrom)
    • FACT-GP (1987,1997 FACT IT)
    • Tool for Assessment of Suicide Risk – TASR (2013 Dr. Stan Kutcher)
    • Tool for Assessment of Suicide Risk – Adolescent Modified – TASR (2013 Dr. Stan Kutcher)

In addition to the form library you can easily create your own “read and sign” type of forms with a number of signature fields available.  These forms can be done without any additional development and can be created within minutes.  For more dynamic forms you can work with TenEleven to develop new ones, or use the Custom Form Creator to make them yourself.

Custom Form Creator

If your agency wants the flexibility of adding new forms on a regular basis, the Custom Form Creator gives you the ability to create your own forms in Microsoft Visual Studio.  Add fields with drop downs, radio buttons, free text, and more, then turn it over to TenEleven to tie the fields to the data base and testing.

Additional Functionality

  • eCR™ will document a complete audit trail for you that captures each time a chart was updated including when forms are added, deleted, or changed in a program chart
  • Create Consent Form Templates that can be leveraged across all charts to expedite your consent forms for legal, PCP, courts, etc., or edit the template for individual clients

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