Managing the Revenue Cycle From End-to-End


Nina Badillo

Medical Biller - The Family Counseling Center

You're always looking for the most efficient way to do your job. The Family Counseling Center found that they needed eCR to help them accurately  bill large batches at once. See if you think you can better manage your revenue cycle by using eCR™ as your EHR.

I work for the Family Counseling Center based out of Gloversville, NY.

I’m a medical biller there, and eCR™ has been very helpful in the billing avenue.

We’ve been able to bill out whole batches and then use the eCR™/TenEleven file portal to be able to easily check everything that went out and cross-reference with the bills to make sure they reach their payers.

To follow up with through the whole claims process, there’s different features for that through the whole revenue cycle. So it’s very helpful to keep up on.

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