Implementation Support Results in Seamless Switch From Paper to eCR™ 


Esther Obanero

Director of Healthcare Informatics - Bridging Access to Care

Implementing a new EHR can be stressful - TenEleven makes it easy. Esther Obanero talks about how easy it was for her staff at Bridging Access to Care to adapt this multi-program EHR. 

I’m Esther Obanero with Bridging Access to Care. That’s located in Brooklyn, NY.

So I’m the Director of Healthcare Informatics and Information Systems at the agency and the eCR™ is basically, I call it my baby per se because we use it across all programs in the agency from mental health, substance abuse, our housing program, our support services programs as well.

Our staff actually love the system. We found that it’s easy to learn. Our switch from paper to electronic was very, very, very great because the system is what you see is what you get. The different functions in the system are easy to learn as well.

Apart from that, the support we get from TenEleven is great. We had project managers, the support desk always willing to answer questions, and it’s a beautiful system with beautiful people working with you to make sure that you actually use it to the best.

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