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Family Residences and Essential Enterprises

TenEleven tackles complex program business rules for PROS agency

Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) supports over 4,000 individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness and traumatic braing injury by providing a diverse array of supports and services including Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS).

The PROS program in New York State has a complex set of rules for billing Medicaid that requires agencies to incorporate a number of elements to determine billing units.  Until implementing eCR™ these requirements created a real administrative burden for FREE, who looked to TenEleven Group to help them boost efficiency while maintaining compliance.

According to Christine Buckley, Operations Coordinator for Behavioral Health Division, "Working with eCR™, we were able to easily accomplish the cubersome coordination of group scheduling, generate the progress notes, and track participation time.  As a result we saw an increase in revenue using eCR™."

Before eCR™: multiple systems frustrate the billing process

Prior to implementing eCR™, FREE was using separate systems to track patient services and the time spent in those services, and then manually calculating billable units for entry into yet another system for billing.  Frustrated with manually calculating the complex rules required for billing PROS services, FREE engaged TenEleven for a system that would improve accuracy and efficiency by capturing the necessary information and then bridging the gap from clinical to billing.

With eCR™: system consolidation improves revenue cycle

Since FREE implemented eCR™ they use only one system to track clinical progress and billing for PROS services.  Now, the complex rules of PROS billing requirements are automated in eCR™, so they spend more time focused on acheiving treatment success and less time adding up the billing numbers.  Billing numbers that have produced greater revenue for FREE since implementing eCR™.

What other customers are saying

  • "Our biggest area of improvement from eCR™ was around our revenue cycle.  Now we have reports that we can run to track the payments that have come in, the payments that have not come in, collect co-pays, collect co-insurances; now we can monitor all of that"


    Kristy D'Angelo

    Vice President of Behavioral Health Services

    Gateway Longview

  • "Our revenue cycle turn-around is much better with eCR™.  It has increased substantially.  I am now billing weekly, if not a few times a week, and getting a quick return."


    Mary Cody

    Accounting Supervisor

    Melillo Center for Mental Health

  • "We had to find a provider that would adapt to our workflow process. TenEleven met that criteria.  They understood the business and spoke the language. We vetted over 15 different vendors, and only TenEleven was flexible enough to fit our business process."

    Nadine Ranger-Akinyemi
    Deputy Executive Director
    Bridging Access to Care
  • "We weren't working efficiently with our old system.  There was a lot of double entry and documents were stand-alone and not integrated, so we had to track our progress notes on paper.  With eCR™ now we can run reports to identify missing notes and follow up quickly to ensure documentation is complete.”
    Kristie Elias
    Director of Mental Health
    Catholic Family Center

Features & Functionality

eCR™ provides substantial levels of funtionality to its users.  From scheduling, alerts, billing, prescribing, lab orders, and more.  eCR™ has the sophisticated tools to apply the right business rules to any service delivery type.

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Service Delivery Types

TenEleven has customized eCR™ for a number of service types and levels of care for health and human services including mental health, addiction treatment, and family services.  Whether its inpatient, outpatient, or Trauma Informed Care, eCR™ is built to fit.

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