Innovative Billing Functionality Drives Increased Revenue


Jennifer George 

Finance Manager - FLACRA

Your agency handles multiple client records - and it can be a lot to handle. That's why the Finger Lakes Area Counseling and Recovery Agency (FLACRA) chose eCR™ as their EHR. Jennifer George describes how it gives them the ability to track patient eligibility.

My name is Jennifer George and I work for FLACRA, Finger Lakes Area Counseling and Recovery Agency.

Through using the eligible insurance entry and billing, we can now record whether or not a patient is eligible and it’s going to result in the patient charge turning green and we’ll know exactly only those charges that should be billed.

What I feel TenEleven does really well, what I love, one of the components, is your ticket system. And that you’re very responsive to tickets that are submitted.

TenEleven enables the customer to really feel like we have a voice and the changes that we would like to see, TenEleven listens to us.

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