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Catholic Family Center finds next level functionality in choosing eCR™

When Catholic Family Center (CFC) in Rochester, NY decided it was time to replace their EHR for the DSM-5 conversion it became clear how inefficient their previous system had been.  When choosing eCR™ from TenEleven, CFC found that they were missing out on functionality and reporting that really helps them improve their programs and service delivery.  Read about CFC's selecton process and how their unique implementation strategy set them up for success from day one.

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Catholic Family Center

Business process implementation improves revenue cycle for Gateway Longview

Gateway Longview started an Outpatient Behavioral Health program in 2012, and by 2013 had accumulated a substantial backlog of claims.  Vice President of Behavioral Health Kristy D'Angelo talks about how TenEleven helped identify process gaps that were costing them money, and the resulting revenue increases and accounts receivable reductions they received as a result of implementing eCR™.

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Step One Family Guidance Center Addiction Services, Inc. serves more clients and improves audits with eCR™

Nicholas Pappas, Administrative Director at Step One, reflects on life before implementing eCR™.  The system is keeping them in compliance on a daily basis, which has decimated the time it takes to conduct internal quality assurance audits.  As a result of improved from office operations, Step One is also seeing more clients and doing more good for individuals in need of services.

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Step One
Bridging Access to Care

Standardizing the business process for HIV/AIDS program improves their grant performance

Bridging Access to Care was doing a lot of things right, they just didn't have everyone on the same page.  Deputy Executive Director Nadine Ranger-Akinyemi, discusses BAC's journey to find an EHR.  She describes how vetting vendors lead them to choose TenEleven, and how subsequent to choosing eCR™, their HIV/AIDS program was able to win new grant funds thanks to standardized data.

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Family Residences and Essential Enterprises benefits from electronic application of complex billing rules for their PROS program

Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE) operates a PROS agency in New York State, which has a highly complex set of visit calculations to determine billing amounts.  Christine Buckley, Operations Coordinator for the Behavioral Health Division, highlights how FREE went from multiple systems and manual calculations, to a single system that captures the visits and calculates the billing units.

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Family Residences and Essential Enterprises
Community Alternatives

Community Alternatives, Inc. reduces time to billing by 50%

Community Alternatives, Inc. manages a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) program in Western Pennsylvania.  Community Alternatives came to TenEleven because they wanted to speed up the process of getting BHRS documentation completed so they could bill for services faster.  Nicholas Riehl, Chief Operating Officer, explains how getting progress notes out of cars and into eCR™ got them billing for services sooner.

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